To remove a manager or user from your business Facebook page, the first thing you’ll need to do is login to Facebook and go to your business page. Then on the upper right hand corner in ‘Settings’, go ahead and click on that button, and then on the left-hand side, look for the link that says ‘Page Roles’. In this area, it will list all of the users you have on your account. There is an ‘X’ mark next to all of the users, except for the owner of the account who cannot be deleted. And all you’ll need to do is chose the person that you wanna remove, click ‘remove administrator’, and then go ahead and click ‘save’. When doing this, you’ll need to enter your password.

Please note that your password is your personal password for Facebook, as they are one in the same with your business page. Once you enter your password, click ‘submit’, and that user no longer has access to your business page.