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Search Engine Optimization

Is SEO Dead For Local Business?

The simple answer is NO. Google is vital to the growth and success of all business!

Google processes 3.5 billion SEO searches each day…and that’s just Google. Consumers and businesses alike have become conditioned to turn to a search engine for answers to any and all of their questions. Search has become the ultimate referrer of traffic to websites and it is essential for a business to appear on page one of the search engine results page (SERP), preferably as one of the top three listings, to benefit from this huge source of people interested in something you have or offer.

Maybe you’ve heard these statistics before and you are wondering where they are coming from because you are not seeing much of anything in the way of traffic from your website. Here’s a tip. Go to Google and enter a search for your industry and locale i.e. emergency plumber Milwaukee, CPA Atlanta, house painter near San Francisco and see who comes up. If your competition is on page one – they are getting traffic you aren’t.

The search traffic is there, the problem is getting your site ranked and that requires a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Give Searcher Engines What They Want

Google’s mission is to return the most relevant link to a searcher’s inquiry. In order to be “the most relevant” you have to first know what the searcher’s enquiry is. When businesses build websites that ignore this issue and principally use the content as promotional material they lose out on any chance of ranking on the search engines.

At Simple Biz Support we take a structured approach to search engine optimization that is designed to greatly enhance how search engines view our clients’ sites.


That Process Involves:

  • Keyword research – uncovering the terms searches use to find companies that provide the services and products that our clients offer.
  • On-page optimization – ensuring the structure of each page tells the search engine bots what the focus of the content is.
  • Competitive analysis – why is your competitor on page one? What keywords are they using?
  • Off-page optimization – building links from quality sites proving the value of the content.

All four steps are essential in SEO optimizing your site however, how those steps are performed may vary based on the frequent changes to search engine algorithms. Staying on top of those changes and taking the appropriate action is key to maintaining and increasing your position on the SERP.

Search Engine optimization is not a one-time fix because optimization is a moving target. At Simple Biz Support we relieve you of the responsibility of keeping current on the trends and allow you to focus purely on handling the sales from the new traffic.

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