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Get Found On The First Page Of Google Fast!
Would you be surprised to learn that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet?

Did you know that the largest search engine (Google) owns YouTube and routinely lists videos on their own search pages? Video is unquestionably the biggest bang for your marketing buck both in terms of cost and effectiveness.

What’s so special about video?

Cisco predicts that by 2017 video will make up 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Think about that for a moment. If Cisco is correct that means only 31% of consumer traffic will come from text. How much of your digital marketing message is text based and can you afford the cut in traffic?

Video is an ideal format for wireless devices like smartphones and tablets. Over half of all internet connections today are made with these devices rather than laptops or PCs. The appeal of watching a message as opposed to scrolling down a page of text on a small screen is obvious.

YouTube gets over 1 billion unique visitors monthly. Your customers are in there somewhere. The only other site that gets that kind of traffic is Facebook.

Why video is a must for local business:

It’s inexpensive and easy to produce and once you’ve posted it, it lives forever. There is no need for expensive equipment or sets and the only time investment is the time to shoot it.

People like to do business with people they know. Video allows you to introduce yourself and build trust and credibility. Video humanizes your business in a way text simply can’t.

People will share a video with friends faster than they will share a link to a page of text. This digital word of mouth is the “force multiplier” that expands the reach of the original search.

Is There a Downside to Video?

If video is such a great marketing tool, why isn’t everybody using it?

The fact is they are! Thousands of businesses big and small are creating monthly video marketing campaigns. Unfortunately most have not reaped the benefits of video because they don’t understand how the backend works. YouTube has an algorithm similar to Google’s and their mission is the same as Google’s; deliver the most relevant content to the visitor’s search.

At Simple Biz Support we understand what it takes to rank for competitive search phrases. We’ll give you ideas for videos based on relevant keywords and then handle the posting. Once again, we do what we do best allowing you to do the same.

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