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Hello internet fans, it is Ryan Perry with Simple Biz Support. Today is Wednesday, May 6th, it is the day after Drinko De Mayo, hopefully not too many of you have hangovers. Since it is Wednesday, it’s Social Media Wednesday, therefore I have the lovely and talented Sarah Giometti with Provaro Marketing, good morning Sarah.

Sarah Giometti: Good morning Ryan, how are you?

RP: I’m doing fabulous, thank you. We got a lot to talk about, so I want to go into it real quickly. We’re going to talk about how to get content for social media posts within say like 10 minutes. So, the big question is, well, how do you curate that much content and then schedule it so you can post it throughout the day?

SG: Yeah, and the only way that you can do that is utilizing tools.

RP: Oh, gotta use tools. Alright, so back in the old days it used to be Google was their news feed, the RSS feed, the Google Reader. You could just go to and click and it would give you a list of all this content, but Google Reader is not available anymore. They discontinued that a few years ago, so do I need to go to a Yahoo Reader, or where do I get this information?

SG: I actually use a software called Bundle Post, it’s not the only one around there, that’s just the one that I have chosen to use, that you set, you add… It’s not quite like the Google Reader, but I do add in all the RSS feeds of the people that I want to share their content for possibly. It includes my stuff, plus other industry leaders, you’re in my feed. And through…

[chuckle] Through that I… And I can grab a lot of content at once, because it pulls it all in. So, it’s a really great way…

RP: Right, so the idea is that by using a tool we can actually curate, aggregate, get all this information that’s essentially out there. Instead of going and bookmarking 20 different websites and going, “Okay, what can I talk about, or what can I share today?” There are tools out there available that essentially take it, if you think of it as a funnel, all these different websites that you choose and it brings it all into one location and that’s your software. Now, you use Bundle Post, why don’t you get setup for a quick screen share with Bundle Post, I use Post Planner. Essentially the same concept in software, I think the one major difference between the two is that I can actually post when I find content that I like, it comes in a feed. I can actually link directly to my social media and I can schedule it within in Post Planner, where in Bundle Post you have to export currently into say, Hootsuite or some other scheduling software, correct?

SG: Correct. I know they’re working on that, but for right now you do have to export it. But what’s nice about theirs is once you create a schedule, so let’s say I wanted to curate content for my Twitter feed. I create a schedule that I want to post, I want a Twitter post once every 60 minutes, from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Then when I going in to curate it, and we’ll walk through this real quick, it really is I click on a blog, the name of the blog, the articles pop up, I checkmark the ones I want and dump it into the schedule. It also will hashtag things for me, so when I export it into Hootsuite, it already has a schedule all setup, because I’ve already pre-done the schedule. So, not having to manually schedule one-by-one everything that I pick. And so…

RP: Right, and that just creates efficiency for you. I think one of the biggest complaints that business owners have is, I don’t have enough time to do all this stuff. I don’t have time to stop at nine o’clock, throw out a Twitter post, at 9:30, throw out a Twitter post, at 10 o’clock, throw out a Twitter post. So, it’s really about being smart and efficient with your time, do you have… And I’m kind of rushing because I want to spend maybe five minutes on yours, and then five minutes on mine, which isn’t going to be enough time. Can we do a screen share real quickly of Bundle Post? And you kind of just… Just highlight some of the top end features, and then maybe we’ll do a session later on just about Bundle Post, we can go into details later.

SG: Yeah, and this is really just to show people, to give them overview of options for being more efficient with their social media, and a way to manage it and do it. Especially if you can’t afford to outsource it to companies like ours and they need to handle it themselves, this is options for them to be more efficient. So, this’ll just be a quick overview of what it looks like. This is my login screen, but if I go into feeds, I’ve already added all these feeds for myself, for clients, and so these are where I draw from. And Bundle Post automatically, if you see over here, May 6th at 8:53 AM, so about an hour ago, it had checked all of these blogs for new content. And so, once I’ve put them in here, it’s just…

RP: And just to clarify, you had to go out and find the RSS feeds to put in there though, correct? It didn’t automatically aggregate content, you didn’t just say, “Hey, find me stuff about social media.” And it says, “Okay, here it all is.”

SG: Correct, correct. I had to build this.

RP: Right, so there is some work. I just want to be really upfront with people, there is some work that you need to put into this, but once you get that funnel full of content, it’s really cool at how simple and efficient these systems work.

SG: Yeah, there’s upfront work, but again, once it’s done, it’s done. So, then you go to the schedules, and it’s the same thing. It’s a little bit of work to create a schedule, but once it’s done, it’s done… And again, it’s not just for Twitter. So I use this for Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn even though there’s a thing…

RP: Yeah, it looks like you’ve got 10 for Twitter, a couple for another one, like two for Google Plus?

SG: Yeah. And this is per day. So two for Google Plus per day, two for LinkedIn per day, my personal Twitter it’s an 11 right now, my business Twitter’s a 20 per day, I’ve another Twitter schedule that’s a 30 per day. So ’cause Twitter moves so fast it really needs to be 10 to 30 times a day, and people won’t see all 10 to 30 of them.

RP: So basically if you have 10, what you’ve essentially said is you’ve calendared out 10 times during the day, I want content to post. The other screen that you’re showing us was an aggregate of all the content and so you’re choosing which content goes into, is it going into my personal feed, is it going into my Provaro Marketing feed, and then it gets slotted depending on what time slot’s available. So, if the 9:00 AM’s already full, it’s going to go “Okay, I gotta go to the 10:00 AM” and fill that slot.

SG: Right. Yup. That’s exactly how it is, and you can see here if I pulled up… So here’s the schedule for my Provaro Twitter feed and so it posts every hour on the five after, which is just what I’ve picked. And so, once it’s done it’s done and Bundle Post just handles scheduling it according to those, that time schedule. And so, it’s really easy to start exports. Say I want to do Twitter, it’s always tomorrow ’cause it has to start beginning of the schedule.

RP: Okay, and that’s an important… So you need to be a day ahead of yourself then essentially?

SG: Yeah.

RP: Okay.

SG: You oughta be a day ahead of yourself ’cause it starts at the beginning of a schedule and it’s kind of a nuisance if you wanted to start it today, it’s kind of a nuisance to fix ’cause it’ll start at 4:00 AM today, which obviously already passed. And so, going to export it, I just go in and let’s see, I’ll just go into my own blog. It pulls up the most recent blog articles, I can manually select whatever I want first five.

RP: Now, let me ask you this. Are you actually selecting which articles post? Or is it just taking all of the content that you’ve curated? You’ve said, “Hey, this is all the information I want you to pull from.” Is it automatically pulling new content then and feeding that calendar?

SG: No. I am picking what I want to do. So even though I’ve plugged in all those blogs and RSS feeds that I want to draw content from, I don’t necessarily want to share all of their stuff. If I don’t have a relationship with somebody I’m not going to share the stuff where they’re selling their services.

RP: Right, or it maybe something where you read, you check the blog article and you don’t really feel that it was well written so why would you want to share it? So you have control over content, which is good to know. It’s not a 100% automated so you, this is where that 10 minutes comes into play, that you know what each day I can tell you my schedule when I get up in the morning I have a bowl of oatmeal and while I’m doing my bowl of oatmeal, I’m on Post Planner finding content that I want to share throughout the day each day.

SG: Right. So this is, I just can select, you know, this is my own blog so I can select the first five and I move selected, and it goes into here’s the schedule. And then, let’s see… I pull in…

RP: Let me ask you… Here we go. Let me ask you ’cause we’re at 9:55 and I wanted to have a couple minutes to through Post Planner, in order to schedule with Bundle Post do you have to have Hootsuite or is there a couple of different options?

SG: There are different options. It exports to Hotspot, Spredfast. I’m going through Sendible, Pluggio, SocialOomph, and Buffer.

RP: Okay, so you want to check out Bundle Post at and then let me go ahead and kick in my screen share, and I’m just going to give a quick overview of Post Planner, and I forget how I found Post Planner but what I really liked about Post Planner and… Sorry, I gotta get my Google screen out of the way so I can actually see. So with Post Planner, one of the things that I really liked, it has a really nice price point for the solo entrepreneur at $7 a month, you can link to, two social media accounts. So for myself, I have my business Facebook, I have Twitter, what you’re looking at currently is MyCalendar that I did this morning. I was running a little behind so I didn’t get to do my full feed but same thing, you build out a calendar. This is my calendar so if I go onto the calendar I can grab for Twitter as an example and on Monday… Oops, I turned Twitter off, let’s turn Twitter back on. Sorry. I really know how to use this, I promise.

RP: On my calendar, I have Monday through Friday essentially, and you can see all the different times that I post and then on the weekends I don’t post quite as much on Saturday and Sunday. Now, what I like about this is that it’s more than just social RSS feeds and those type of things. They actually do viral quotes, they do photos, they have a lot of different things so if you’re in the market space where it make sense to add quotes or other kind of goofy stuff, this is great. And what I really like about it is that they do, it’s called their Fire Feed essentially, and what it does is they look at the number of times this image has been shared, liked. And the more times it’s been shared and liked, it actually comes up. So the idea is, you get a better sense of what content is actually viral that people like, because it’s already been proven socially that people are sharing it and liking it. So that’s a really cool feature.

RP: Like, Bundle Post, I also have the ability to curate content. So have like this… I have a two social media folders. They already built out a social media folder of different places. And when I look at this, it is giving me what’s most relevant and I can choose what content has recently posted today, by the week, by the month, so I can get an idea of what content is fresh. Or I can actually look at all content. The other cool thing is you can bring in through Facebook. So if I know the Facebook handle of somebody, I can put that in, it’ll automatically aggregate that. If I want to follow somebody on Twitter, I can put their Twitter handle in, it’ll automatically do that, and RSS feeds. Or, if I’m just looking for something different let’s say I want to do video marketing, as an example. I can actually type in, “Video marketing,” with this little fire tool here, and what it’s going to do, is it’s going to find the most relevant information based on that keyword.

RP: Now, it doesn’t… It could be about cars. It could be about ambulances. It could be about anything that you want to, and it puts all that information in here, and all I need to do is click this plus mark if I want to add this. It automatically creates the title for me. It has the link. And if there’s an image on the site, it also includes the image, which I really like. Now, if you don’t like the image, the other cool thing about Post Planner is, if you have a Canva account, I can actually click on this and go in and create my own image and replace this one, if I don’t like it. So, it is 9:59, that is a quick overview, but I literally spend 10 minutes in the morning while I’m eating my oatmeal and I’m actually curating content for, specifically, just my Twitter feed. My Facebook is I try and do a little bit more organic, on the fly. But it’s a pretty cool tool. And without tools you’re really not going to get the results that you’re looking for or you’re just going to be efficient, let’s put it that way.

SG: Yeah. And it makes it really easy for you. For both of these, you can go beyond the one day. So, for the 10, 15, 20 minutes one morning, you can get five days knocked out. So, that’s where it really is… It’s, kind of, your accountability buddy for social media. Instead of back burnering it, you put it into your schedule, whether it’s while you’re eating breakfast, while you’re having your first cup of coffee in the morning, it’s the first thing you do. Knock it out for the week and then you don’t have to worry about it again for several days. And that way you’re less likely to backburner it. Especially for Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. Like Ryan, I also do my Facebook more on the fly, or I pre-schedule out, within Facebook, so it is a little bit more time consuming…

RP: Right, yeah. Okay. Tell you what, we’re over time, so I’m going to have to cut you off. But we gave you two great examples, Bundle Post and I forgot mine…

SG: Post Planner.

RP: Post Planner.

RP: Yes, I use Post Planner. So those are two great options. Take a look at them. Go to the website check them out. See if they make sense to you. But one thing I can tell you is, since I started using Post Planner my Twitter activity has become 100% more productive and I’m actually getting more followers, more likes, consistently, every single day. So it’s improving my visibility. Sarah, do you have any last, like five seconds of content?

SG: Nope, I’d say, look at both and pick one to help you be more efficient and build your Twitter following and be better at it.

RP: Alright, perfect. With that, we’re going to go more into social media, actually getting content out on social media. We’re going to be talking, I think, about Canva and some other image software next week. Is that correct?

SG: Yes. We’re going over graphic next week…

RP: Graphics.

SG: And the tools that you can use that don’t require a graphic designer if you don’t have one to work it.

RP: Alright. Awesome. And one of those tools is Canva, and then we’re going to get… We’re going to, kinda, stick on this schedule for the next couple of weeks. So look forward to seeing you all next week. Sarah, I appreciate your time. Have a great week.

SG: Thanks, Ryan, you too.

RP: Bye.


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