Boost Visibility With Hashtag Search

Hashtags are an important part of many social media campaigns to create additional visibility, especially with Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re looking for more hashtag ideas, check out You can put in any hashtag that you like to search, in this case they’ve defaulted to the Super Bowl since it’s coming up in a couple of days and it lets you know other hashtags that are relevant to the primary search. Then you also get top influencers. Who has the most followers that are talking about this hashtag and then additionally if we go across to the right, how many people are using this hashtag over, and over, and over again, which should mean that they’re a specialist in it. We can also get an idea of what their trends are, what they call usage pattern. Is it going up or is it going down?

And then lastly there is the wall and as you scroll down the wall, you’ll see relevant tweets and instagram posts to that hashtag.


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