If you’re a visual learner and you’d like to know how your website is performing, a heat map is a great tool. While I always recommend having Google Analytics, not everybody can read numbers the same way they can see things visually. I like to use “Crazy Egg,” they have a plugin that you can install into your WordPress website and you can actually see it overlays your website and collects information where people are clicking.

Why it’s important? One, it will let you know where people are clicking most. That way you can go to those pages and make sure that the content is convincing, if you want conversion. The other thing you can do is if you see that people are clicking in areas maybe you’re not expecting them to, find out why. Look at the elements, look at the text, and make it different. If I’m clicking here and this isn’t doing anything it’s going to frustrate me as a customer.

Check out heat maps. They’re a great visual tool.