YouTube Statistics You Need to Know

Hello, internet fans, Ryan Perry here, Simple Biz Support, and I’m going to talk to you about some great YouTube statistics that might push you over the edge to start using Video Marketing.

Now I think the number one reason why you’d want to start using YouTube for your video marketing is this statistic right here: One billion YouTube users with four billion hours of YouTube videos being watched every single month; that is a tremendous statistic. Also, two billion video views per week are monetized on YouTube, that means people are making money on their videos.

Additionally, 76% of marketers plan to add videos to their site, making it the highest priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration. Video is really where it’s at today. And here’s another great statistic: 89 million people in the United States alone are going to watch 1.2 billion, that’s ‘B’, billion, online videos today. If you’re not on YouTube, you really should be, especially when you consider the fact that it’s the second largest search engine, and it’s owned by Google.



About the Author:

Ryan Perry is the founder and CEO of Simple Biz Support, Inc. Ryan started video blogging in 2009 as an alternative to written blogs to create visibility and credibility online. During the workweek, he enjoys helping small business owners harness the power of video to grow their companies. On the weekends, he enjoys hiking and searching out waterfalls throughout the state of California.

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