Video: A Marketing Asset With Longevity

When I say video is a marketing asset, what I mean is that it has a longevity. It has a shelf life. Video sticks around and gets you visibility unlike any other form of marketing.

I think one of the big reasons why is because more and more people are looking for video solutions. With more people searching, there’s more of a chance that your content is gonna be found.

Here’s an example. This is a SEO or this is a video I posted back on September 18th of 2013. In the last 28 days ending January 12th 2016, this video has been seen 71 47 times (I was looking in the wrong section when I made the video). This is a piece of content I created back in 2013 and it’s still creating evergreen visibility for me and my brand.

That’s why video is a marketing asset and should be used in your marketing.


About the Author:

Ryan Perry is the founder and CEO of Simple Biz Support, Inc. Ryan started video blogging in 2009 as an alternative to written blogs to create visibility and credibility online. During the workweek, he enjoys helping small business owners harness the power of video to grow their companies. On the weekends, he enjoys hiking and searching out waterfalls throughout the state of California.

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