How To Add Royalty Free Music For YouTube Video

One of the easiest places to find royalty music is on YouTube. You don’t want to get sued for using somebody else’s music that you didn’t have rights to. In order to do so, all you need to do is click on “Video Manager” and then edit on the video that you want to add the music to.

From here, you’re going to click on “Audio” and on the right-hand side are a number of tracks. If I click on “Dreamland,” the Dreamland music is going to start playing, which I’ve muted since I’m doing an educational video. There’s a cool little slider down here that you can actually adjust how loud the music is versus the original audio in the video. Once you’re all done, I recommend saving as a new video, that way you still have your original video to go back to, already uploaded if you want to make any changes.

That’s how you add royalty-free music on a YouTube video.


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