Power of Video Marketing For Google Ranking

Hello there, internet fans, Ryan Perry, Simple Biz Support. Today I want to show you the power of video marketing, especially if you’re a small business owner and you are trying to geo-target specific keywords. Remember, geo-targeting is, “I want to be found in a specific city.” You could be an eye doctor, a dentist, auto repair mechanic, but your target audience is typically going to be locally in your city, and maybe one or two surrounding cities. By geo-targeting those specific cities, it makes it much easier to be found than say just dentist or just auto repair, because now it’s a national search, so target your audience by geo-targeting.

Here’s an example of how you can use video to SEO optimize to get yourself on the first page ranking of Google. I’m in a client’s YouTube account, I just uploaded these videos, today is May 18th. This one was updated at 12:20 PM, let me pop open my calendar, it is currently 1:34 PM on May 18th. And what I did is, let me bring this over, this is a Google search for “kitchen remodel” down in Greenbrae, California. You’ll notice I’m not logged into my Google account, that way I’m getting true results, versus if you are logged in, it will remember what you’re searching for and it can skew your results. So, what’s really cool about this is I have two videos, “Pre-Demolition”, and then the “Post-Demolition”, which is what I uploaded today, and you’ll see the difference in time.

This video was uploaded approximately an hour ago and it’s already showing on Google. Google has already indexed it, and they’ve already ranked it, and it’s ranked on the first page of Google. Then you can see that the original video that I did for this client, which was “Pre-Demolition”, done back in October 2014 is still on the first page. So, we have ads, we have local search, and then we have some organic results, and the client’s target page, which in this case is going to be “Kitchen Remodel”, is the first page that shows up and their homepage shows up all on the first page. Now, what’s really cool about this from your point of view as a business owner, you have to realize that the first page of Google, this is like Boardwalk on Monopoly, in the fact that you have very limited space here. Look at these people paying advertising dollars in order to be on the first page.

Just by creating a couple of videos, look at all this real estate that we’ve locked out. We’ve got one, two, three, four positions on the first page of Google just by making a video that is relevant to the keyword that you are trying to target. Another example is going to be, let me minimize this, another one here is going to be this one right here, “Bathroom Remodel.” This was May 18th at 11:25 AM, and let me bring the page up. Let’s go to the “Bathroom Remodel” page, and again you’ll see the same results. This one approximately two hours ago this YouTube video was posted. Additionally, the original video that we shot back in October is still up here. And let’s see if their website… So here, “Website for Bathroom Remodeling” shows up and that is it on this page. So, on this page what’s really cool about it is the videos actually showed up before the map section.

If you were to click on this, right down here is, A is above the fold, that is where do we find content without actually scrolling down. We’ve got two of these pages locked up. The rest of them, we’ve got one, two, three ads, we have one organic search which is Yelp, and then we have one local search which is Gillman’s, and then of course we have everybody over here who’s actually paying to be on here. So, a couple of things I want you to think about, within an hour to two hours, Google had indexed and posted these videos on the first page of a results page. If you are having trouble getting your website indexed and showing on the first page for specific cities, this is one of the best ways that I know how to get your videos… Or excuse me, your presence on the first page, and that is to use video.

The second thing I want you to think about, especially if you’re doing pay-per-click ads. Pay-per-click ads if they’re paying for themselves are great, keep on spending that money. The only downside to pay-per-click is that once you stop paying, all those ad dollars go away. On the other hand, when you create videos, videos are very, very powerful and you are now creating marketing assets. This marketing asset has been working for this client since October 23rd, 2014, it’s been on the first page that long. I have a second marketing asset now that is listed on this page, and think about it over time as you create more and more videos, you’re creating additional credibility because when you have a library of content, especially in this case being a general contractor you are creating, what we call, social proof. If you do 20 remodels over years, people are going to see, geez, I’ve got videos from 2014, 2015, and as you move forward, 2016, 2017, and all these different projects that this general contractor’s been working on creates social proof which is a very very powerful tool. So, think about it, if you are not getting the results that you’re looking for as far as placement on Google, and you are trying to geo-target specific cities, try a video. If you have any questions make sure you leave a comment below.


About the Author:

Ryan Perry is the founder and CEO of Simple Biz Support, Inc. Ryan started video blogging in 2009 as an alternative to written blogs to create visibility and credibility online. During the workweek, he enjoys helping small business owners harness the power of video to grow their companies. On the weekends, he enjoys hiking and searching out waterfalls throughout the state of California.

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