To post a full week’s worth of content on Facebook in under five minutes is easier than you think, but it does take a little prep. What I recommend is using an Excel sheet, having a date column, and then your content and link source. This content is going to be what is the description you’re going to put in Facebook along with a link to the content.

If you fill out a full week, all you need to do is copy the selected content, paste it into your Facebook page and instead of clicking ‘publish’ which is going to publish it now, click the little down triangle and click ‘schedule’. Now I can push the content out to a future date and time that I want and boom, it’s done.

Then I just need to go back to my Excel sheet, grab new piece of content, go back into Facebook, post the content. Make sure I don’t click publish but the down arrow and then schedule it out for the following day. And this is how you can get a full week’s worth of content out in under five minutes.