Scott Ayres over at Post Planner published a great blog on how to become a better Facebook manager in just five minutes a day, and it starts on Monday by actually scheduling out posts for the rest of the week.

You can use Facebook’s built-in scheduler, or use a program such as Post Planner or Hootsuite. I’m preferable to Post Planner myself. The next thing you need to do, Tuesday through Friday, just check Facebook first thing in the morning and see if there’s any comments. Did people leave a post or any emails? Make sure you respond to people. This is social media, after all. You want to respond to them. And in this case, it is a six-day work week, so on Saturday, take a quick note of your insides. When are you getting the most responses from your post? What day, what time? And then schedule your future posts for the following week at those days and times so you can get better visibility.