Landing Page Review – Mopar Crate Engine

Hey there internet fans! The other day I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel on my laptop, and up pops an ad for a Mopar engine which is Chrysler. They have these new crate engines that they apparently showcased at SEMA, and so I clicked on the ad, went to their landing page and couldn’t find the motors. So I want to do a quick video. I actually want to jump on the computer and show you what I saw, so as business owners, if you have a landing page, hopefully you can pull some information out of this that will help you make a better landing page for your website. Alright, let’s go ahead and jump on the computer.

While I wasn’t able to find the exact ad, I did find the actual clip that they used in the ad, and essentially it’s Mopar CEO talking about the new Mopar motor and how they’re having these crate motors available that you can actually buy, which is awesome. And so if this was the actual ad, I would click on it and this is the page that it led me to. And you can actually see up here in the URL, it says crate-engines.html, so I’m on the right page. There’s a great picture. All looks great, and it says ‘Shop Now’. When you click ‘Shop Now’, it brings open another tab and look what happens! I go from muscle car to a minivan, and mudflap or mud floor flappy-thingies and wheels. And I’m looking around and I’m like, “Oh, here’s an actual car. And no, it has to do with electronics, and I’m really confused right now.”

I actually I did some digging. I clicked, I clicked, I clicked and I’m like, “Well, hold it. Where are the crate motors that they’re talking about?” Because the ad was very specific. It had the crate motors, it talked about them, two different sizes, it was very specific, I come to a landing page. This should be a purpose built page that is relevant to the original ad, so the look, the feel should be very similar. And if you’re a car guy, yeah, crate motor, in a car that’s doing a wheelie stand in a quarter mile, totally makes sense. The problem is I click ‘Shop Now’ and nothing happens. So I almost left, and then I noticed this little slide down here moving, and look at that. Below the fold, below where the computer screen is, is the actual content for the Hemi. Now I can actually purchase online and, look, here’s relevant information that I’m looking for. So with your landing page, it’s really important. A lot of business owners will send landing pages just to a homepage and it doesn’t work. You need to have… There needs to be similarity. If I’m interested in a crate motor, you need to send me to a page that’s relevant to a crate motor, and I love the imagery here.

If you’re into big motor, big power, this totally makes sense. The ‘Shop Now’ button to me is where Mopar made the mistake. Instead maybe if the page started out like this, this works as far as an image, but this even works even better because now we’re talking specifically what the original ad was about, and now I can go here. I’m not sure how many people got frustrated with Mopar. I got frustrated. I mean, I probably spent three minutes, four minutes, ’cause I was seriously interested, and I wasn’t able to find anything and it wasn’t until I went, “Ah, below the fold, that’s where the information is.”

Key takeaway – Mopar does a great job, they got me interested. “Oh, crate motor, it’s at SEMA.” want to learn more? What’s the cost? “Oh, look at awesome imagery.” This is where they lost me though is the ‘Shop Now.’ Instead we should’ve had this ‘Purchase Online’ button is where we should’ve gone where we can actually see all the different options and it would’ve been really simple. It would’ve been boom, I click the ad. Boom, I hit… Whoops. Boom, I hit the landing page, and then boom, I go ahead and make an order. Now we actually have a sales funnel that with proper analytics in place, you could actually track down.

That is a quick overview of the Mopar landing page and ad that I ran into. Would love to hear your thoughts and what you feel about this. Did Mopar do a great job? Was there something else they could’ve done better? Leave your comments below. Thanks everybody!


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