How To View Facebook Insights (Analytics)

To view your Insights, you’ll first need to log into your business page, then click on Insights. Since we only have 60 seconds, I’m going to show you two areas. One on the left hand side is going to be Post. Two things I like about Post, one, it lets you know when people are viewing your post. In my case, I start ramping up at about 6:00 AM and topping out at 9:00 AM, and then it starts tapering off at about 9:00 PM, so I know that I should be posting between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM daily. Additionally, I can see how each individual post is doing, I can see what the reach and the engagement is to see which ones are working and which ones are not working.

And speaking of Post, you really wanna know who your audience is, so by clicking on People, you can get an idea who your audience is, male versus female, their age range, and also what country and language they speak. That way, your content is relevant to your target audience and that’s where you can get Insights on your Facebook account.


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Ryan Perry is the founder and CEO of Simple Biz Support, Inc. Ryan started video blogging in 2009 as an alternative to written blogs to create visibility and credibility online. During the workweek, he enjoys helping small business owners harness the power of video to grow their companies. On the weekends, he enjoys hiking and searching out waterfalls throughout the state of California.

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