Hello, internet fans, Ryan Perry here and in this episode of “One-Minute Marketing” I’m going to show you how to SEO optimize your YouTube backlinks.

While, completing your YouTube channel page you want to make sure that you create a backlink to your website that is keyword-loaded and SEO-optimized. That is this link right here, you’ll notice on my page, it says, “Santa Rosa SEO” as it is a local city that I want to be found for, for SEO. So how do we make that change? Well, all you have to do is log in to your YouTube channel, click the little “edit” icon up here and then click “edit links”. One of your option is putting your website in, and you can see that option is right here under Custom links, and you can actually put in what you’d like. Many people will just put in website and essentially what you’re telling Google is that, “I want website associated with Simple Biz Support”. If you’re a dentist, you may want to put “dentist” in whatever your city you’re in. And this will give you just a little bit of SEO advantage. Make sure you click the “done” button when you’re finished.