How To Send A Video Tweet On Twitter

First, I want to apologize. In order to show you how this works, I had to record an image from my tablet and the screen is much smaller. So, I’m going to have to play a video. But the first thing you need to do is, go to the account that you want to send a video to.

Click on the little right icon, then click on “Camera.” And click the video camera and reverse it, so you’re actually looking at you. And then all you have to┬ádo is hold and copy the camera. That’s it, easy enough. Now, you can just hit ‘Send.’ Here’s what the final video looks like when you upload it to Twitter.

It is a great way to personalize your Twitter feed. Now, the down side is you’re not able to do it on a desktop, only through your mobile device or tablet. And that’s how you send users a video on Twitter.


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