How To Create A Thumbnail For YouTube Video

I recommend adding thumbnails to your YouTube channel so that people have a really good idea of what it is the video’s about. I recommend getting a Canva account. Under Canva you can use custom dimensions and here I can put in a custom width of 1280 x 720 as that’s the normal size that I shoot video in. Then all you got to do is click Design, Canva will pop up, and all you need to do then is lay out your images. What I recommend doing is uploading your own image and filling the screen.

The second thing you can do is then add text, clicking the text button here, adding what type of text and then just writing text or whatever it is that you wanna write, some compelling message. And what’s really cool is you can move it around, you can change the color to fit your needs. Once you’re done all you need to do is click Download, you can download the image and then upload it to YouTube.


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