How To Create A Playlist In YouTube

Hi there, internet fans. Ryan Perry, Simple Biz Support. In today’s One-Minute Marketing Tip, I’m going to show you how to add playlist to your YouTube channel.

In order to add a playlist to your YouTube channel, you’ll first need to log-in to your YouTube channel and make sure you’re on “My Channel”, which will give you a screen that looks similar to this. Then what you’ll need to do is come down to “playlist” then click on the “new playlist” right to the right of “create a playlist”. Here you can go ahead and add any name that you’d like to use. You can make the playlist public, unlisted or private. When you’re done, go ahead and create a playlist. Once you’ve created the playlist, make sure you go in and add a description, and then also make any changes to the playlist settings that you’d like.

Once you’re done, you can add videos to your playlist simply by selecting the video that you would like to add and then clicking the “add to”, and all of your playlists will show up. As you can see, you can add one video to multiple playlists. And that’s how you add a playlist to your YouTube channel.



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