How To Mute Words And Phrases On Twitter

Tired of all the Twitter trolls that are out there and you’d just like to be able to block them? Well, I’m going to show you how to block specific keywords on your Twitter account so you don’t have to listen to those Twitter trolls anymore.

To mute a specific keyword on your Twitter account, you can do this both on your desktop or on your smartphone. On the desktop version, all you need to do is go up into notifications. On notifications, look for your settings tab or your settings option, right here, and then right here it says, “Mute specific words from your notifications.” Go ahead and click on that, and you can put in a single word or you could put in multiple words. I’m going to use “Bob” as an example and click add. Now, anytime somebody mentions Bob, it will be muted and I will not see that on my feed. If I decide to change my mind down the road, all I need to do is click unmute it and now it’s been unmuted. I can always go back in and make that change but this is how easy it is to mute specific keywords that you just don’t want to see anymore.

Thank you Twitter for giving us the option to mute specific keywords or phrases from our account. I think it should alleviate some stress in the matter. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Take care everybody.

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