How Many Times Should I Post on Twitter Daily?

When figuring out a marketing campaign for Twitter, it’s really important to understand how often you should post on Twitter so you know how much content should be created. Mari Smith, one of the thought leaders in social media, recommends that for her own personal channel, she found the sweet spot is approximately six to seven tweets per day during the weekdays and an additional three to four on the weekend. Does that mean that is the right number to tweet for yourself? Well, really depends on who your audience is and the type of content that you are creating. Some people will actually tweet up to 15 to 20 times a day.

The only real way to find out how many times you should post is do a group. Maybe two weeks at six to seven tweets a day. And then do another couple of weeks and maybe try up to 15 a week. Check your analytics and see if there’s a drop off or an increase in followers, and then find the sweet spot that’s right for you in your business.



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