Here’s what customer service, a t-shirt has to do with SEO. It all started four or five months ago, when I first started using Post Planner. I also created some video blogs on how I incorporate their product into my marketing mix. Somebody from Post Planner noticed, they said, “Hey, would you like a free t-shirt?” I said, “Hey, I love free swag. Go ahead, send me a t-shirt.”

Great customer service means more people are going to talk about your product. The more people talk about your product through social media or if you happen to be an influencer and you have other businesses that may be interested in something like Post Planner, they’re now going to go to the website.

This hits all the different facets of great SEO. Multiple people talking about a product or service online through social media, additional hits to their website. So the question to you, the business owner is, how can you incorporate good customer service into improving your overall SEO plan?