Embed Google Hangouts On Air on Facebook and Twitter

Hey, good morning, Internet fans. It is Ryan Perry with Simple Biz Support. It is Social Media Wednesday. Ss usual, I have the beautiful and talented Sarah Giometti with ICT Marketing. Good morning, Sarah.

Sarah Giometti: Good morning, Ryan. How are you?

RP: Mine is going like this, because my computer, good old Windows loves to reboot on you. It did an update and rebooted on me and now I’m dealing with the reboot lag of trying to get all my programs open and trying to get this software open, so we can do our live On air Google Hangout on time, which we are, and we’re here. And we’re going to actually… I’m going to put this all on your shoulders today, just because I like to do that every now and then. You found a great article on Social Examiner on how to embed Hangout On Air on both your Twitter and Facebook accounts, is that correct?

SG: That is. It’s a really cool way, when you’re livestreaming your Hangouts On Air to live stream them also on Facebook and Twitter, so that you can pick up your audiences that are already on that platform, because most businesses tend to have a bigger audience on Facebook and/or Twitter. And so this is a great way to get in front of them during your live broadcasts.

RP: Okay, perfect. And a couple of things we should note… One, I was looking… Because we actually have a marketing calendar of all the things that we’re talking about, we keep it in an Excel spreadsheet. It’s almost been five months, and I see next week you’re not going to be around, but next week will actually be our five month anniversary of starting Social Media Wednesday. So congratulations to us.

SG: Woo! And then what a bummer that it’s the anniversary, and I am going to be on an airplane literally during this time next week.

RP: That I am so sad because you’re going to be flying over the Pacific Ocean, I understand.

SG: I am, I am. I’m going to one of those cute little islands out in the Pacific Ocean for a couple of weeks.

RP: Yeah, I’m very sorry. And you have to take your husband with you, too, I understand.

SG: I do. It is our, kind of, delayed honeymoon. So taking him with me is kind of part of the deal.

RP: Alright, cool. Well, I know you two will have fun. Congratulations. But with it being five months now that we’ve been doing this, almost, there’s a couple of things that we’ve learned. One is down here, let’s see if I can get my finger right. The first couple of episodes we didn’t have our name with the pretty picture. We learned about that, so that we were branding ourselves correctly. Just last week I learned on Facebook that I am not able to copy our live Hangout into Facebook. It will show the link.

RP: However, typically, when you link, it also allows you to add an image, and so in the past I was able to add an image that was relevant to what we were talking about regarding social media, and now Facebook doesn’t allow us to do that. So there’s a little combative play between Google and Facebook right now. So the big question is, if we do this, A, will it work? Because it’s Google playing on Facebook, and then second is going to be how long it works. But like anything, or any good thing, let’s take advantage of it for as long as we can. But I also love the fact that we can integrate directly into Twitter, which is where my biggest audience is.

SG: Right. And it’s not… We’re actually not going to be streaming… Even though it’s a Google Live Hangout and it’s coming from Google+, you’re actually taking the… When you’re doing live streaming in YouTube, and we’re actually taking the YouTube sharing link and putting that in Facebook and Twitter, so that’s where the circumventing is to get away from that Facebook, Google+ not liking each other, because, like we learned, you cannot promote a post on Facebook that has the Google+ link. Whereas I turn around, I take the video, make it a blogpost on my website, because this is all on your YouTube and Google+, and I’m able to promote those posts, because it’s technically a link to my website. So you do have to find… When things don’t work, you do have to find workarounds, but… And this one, yeah… We’ll see how long this works, but take advantage of it while it does, definitely. I mean, YouTube is a big part of Facebook still, they can’t really deny that one. So I think this one will work for quite a while, hopefully.

RP: Right. And this is why I love working with you, because you live and breathe social media a lot more than I do. I’m more about video marketing. So it’s great to have partners, like yourself, who are out there learning these tools, so I don’t have to. It just makes it a lot easier, ’cause then I get to share my knowledge that I learn and you get to share your knowledge that you learn. It just makes us both better, stronger people. So with that being said, you can congratulate me later. Let’s actually go through the steps. Are you going to do a screen share on this?

SG: I am.

RP: Okay, perfect. So let’s go ahead. I’m going to let you take the wheel, as it is.

SG: All right. So we are going to go… You start with doing a… I’m going to do a dummy streaming Google+ Live. My brain isn’t working today.

RP: One of those on-air funky things, which hopefully they’ll let you do simply because you’re already doing…

SG: Good point. Well, I’m not actually creating it. So let’s see if I can get through it, since I am on one. But I practice…

RP: But in my practice, we have a separate Google account than what you’re logged into, maybe open up a different browser.

SG: Yeah. So let’s see if it will work through here, otherwise I’ll get into a different browser. You want to go to the Google+ On Air page first and it’s kind of a long URL, so I generally just Google “Google On Air” or “Google Hangout On Air,” and it’s probably… So if I go back here…

RP: Right. The other thing… I’ll jump in real quickly on this one. The other way that you can get into it is you log into your Google+ account. You always have to start with your personal and then the upper right hand corner it has your picture and from there, it has a drop down of all the businesses that are associated. Now, with me because I’m promoting Simple Biz Support, not Ryan Perry, I’m actually logged into my business account on Google+. Then on the left hand side you have your drop down menu and on that drop down menu is where you actually can click Google+ or Google Hangout, excuse me, and it’ll take you directly to that page. So first log into your business page or whichever page it is that you want to do your Hangout on, then go to the left hand side of the drop down and that’s where you’ll find a link for Google Hangout On Air, Hangout On Air events.

SG: So, let’s see if I can find mine. We’ll do Ryan’s way first.

RP: There we go.

SG: Where did you say?

RP: On the left hand side where it says something about your page.

SG: Hang on, it’s…

RP: And then you have to make noises in order for your screen to show up again.

SG: Right, so there are… So we’re on Hangout. So I can do start a Hangout On Air. I’m on as ICT Marketing or you can just Google “Google Hangouts On Air,” and the first link will take you straight to the page. So if I want to start a Hangout On Air, I can give it a name. So we’ll give it, “Social Media Wednesday Test Playing With Live Streaming On Facebook And Twitter.” So you want to make sure if it’s live streaming, you want people there, you want to make sure public is in here. You can add some other people as well if you wanted to be very specific, but the public won’t allow anybody who sees it streaming to watch it and this is what you really want. And so you click share, starts now or later. Whoops! So you can also schedule it for now or later. I forgot to hit the later to do it in a couple of minutes, but it’s going to run me through this thing. So here is the Hangout, and so I actually want to go back to the Google+ page.

SG: Of course, it sends me all the way back to where I don’t want to be.

RP: And just so people understand, this is part of the process. You initially have to start the On Air first, then you have to go back into your business Google account, correct?

SG: Correct, ’cause you want to go and get a preview of it. Let’s see… I don’t want a trailer. The preview is not showing yet, ’cause what you want to do is in here…

RP: Can you actually just click the play button?

SG: Yeah, that just brings up on my screen. It’s not giving me the option to…

RP: And you actually… Well, here’s the other thing. I think you actually need to start if you go back to your screen. I think you need to actually start it. So you didn’t go live, so there’s nothing to preview because you haven’t actually gone live.

SG: No, they actually don’t want you… You don’t need to go live to preview. It just embedded in the other places, just as a blank screen saying, “It’s starting soon.” So you don’t have to turn it on before you do that.

RP: Well, this is like back when I had the printer business, when I owned the Printer Doctor in Santa Rosa, I would go out and do demos where I bring people in and do demos and the machine would never work when I was doing a demo for some reason, or even better yet when you’re trying to scan a document into DocuScan and the software would not do what it was supposed to do when you’re demoing it. It’s always the best one.

SG: I turned off the screen share, ’cause the preview button seems to disappear and so this may not work. Let’s go back into here.

RP: We’ve lied to our audience. Oh, my God!

SG: I know. We might have to redo this because the preview button should be right there and it’s not showing up.

RP: I’m telling you, Facebook got involved somehow. They said, “No, we will not let you have a preview button. You will not share this content on our website.” You don’t actually have to go to the YouTube channel then.

SG: Well, we walked them through all of that, let me grab… Let me just grab yours. So we walked you through how to create it, but let me grab the one that we’re in, because I can’t leave this video call.

RP: No, I would appreciate that.


SG: And so, what you do… You hit the preview button, and what it does is it opens up a YouTube channel, and so it brings you into YouTube, which… If I come over to YouTube and find Ryan’s…

RP: Picture again?

SG: Find Ryan’s page which is showing a little red dot saying that he’s live.

RP: Right. Are you going to do a screen share so we can see what you’re doing?

SG: Yep, sorry. We just grab yours. So we walked you through how to create it, but let me grab the one that we’re in, because I can’t…

SG: Okay, so now I’ve paused the live streaming, so you can see it. So this is the live streaming. So what you would do while you’re in it before you actually go live, you hit the preview button, it brings you over to YouTube and you can grab the sharing link, copy the sharing link, and then you go back into Facebook and/or Twitter, create a post… Put the YouTube in there and now it’ll be there as you’re live streaming the Hangout.

RP: Okay, very cool! And I think where the technical glitch is, is that we’re trying to show you how to do this while we’re already logged into Google On Air, or so. That’s probably where the glitch is, but it’s very useful, and I think what we’ll do is, since we’ve probably confused at least one of you out there, we’ll include the link to… What was it, Social Media Examiners is the ones that figured this out or at least they’re the ones that posted it that you found out about it, so let’s go ahead and use that. And I know for us, or for me, since I’m the one that actually gets this going in the morning, is… I’ll make sure I’ll get that posted and I don’t know if you’ll be able to… Well, you can do the same thing so I’ll be able to find that link and then once you get the invite you’ll get that, you’ll be able to go and click and do and copy and share and all that type of stuff, so we can do it live.

SG: Right. And I’ll see it and I know… Once you’ve created it, it is automatically live streamed on YouTube, so you can go and find it that way, as well.

RP: Right.

SG: So the only problem with the glitch is… Yeah. We were able to walk you through creating that Hangout On Air. The only part was the preview button only, because I’m already in a video, but that button could be a little bit more obvious when you’re not in a video and you’re setting it up. And with that preview button it brings you into YouTube to get that shareable link and you share that in the different… In Facebook and Twitter and that way people can… They recommend you do it early on. You can even do a promoted post to Facebook, ’cause that link will still work. So you can do a promoted post to have it… Do it 15, 30 minutes in advance or an hour in advance, start promoting on Facebook so people get exposure to it, then once your Hangout’s over, it just converts to the recorded version of it, and so your one day promoted post will just link to the end result, so you’ll still get views for it. So it’s a really great way to promote your Hangouts and build a following.

RP: Okay. We’ll definitely have to do that, because what I’ve been doing is… When the computer actually works properly for me and I’m not fighting it first thing in the morning, is actually since I’m the one that’s creating it I get the links upfront and then I’ve been going out on Twitter and Facebook and saying, “Hey,” or… Actually not Facebook, I know I’ve been doing it on Twitter, is, “Social Media Wednesday starts in 15 minutes,” with a link to the actual Hangout itself, but linking to the YouTube channel’s very interesting. Now, if you do this, the only caveat is if you start with… Say you need to give your audience a half hour notice, you won’t have any of this information, until you start the Hangout. Once you start the Hangout, your camera’s on, your microphone’s on… Well, actually I take that back. It won’t start until you actually click, “Go Live.”

RP: So you’ll be okay at that point, but you do need to stay in Google. You won’t be able to log out of Google, you need to keep the Hangout on air going, because if you log out for any reason, that session ends and that link is connected to that session. So you have to log back in, a new session, which is going to be a new URL, which means you’re going to have to promote it separately, so… Alright, good information. It’s another way that business owners… I know we’re going to do it… Are able to do it efficiently and, again, I’m going to put the link to Social Media Examiner on this so people can find it real easy. They have a nice walkthrough with pictures that might actually be a little bit easier to follow anyhow, just because it’s a static image that’s not moving.

RP: So with that being said, we’re actually a couple of minutes over time, so I want to apologize to people for that. Sarah, I appreciate your time, as always, and I hope you two have a great week, or two weeks, in paradise.

SG: Thank you, Ryan. Yeah, we’ll see if I’ll be here for the second one, but definitely next week we’ll see if Kenny can fill in for me.

RP: Alright, sounds good. Take care.

SG: Thank you. Bye.


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