DJI OSMO: Perfect Camera For Realtors And General Contractors

Do you have a business where you can see yourself walking and taking video at the same time? I’m thinking general contractors, real estate agents and just about anybody in the trade. If you try and take a camera and walk with it, pan, and zoom, the problem is even though we feel like we’re holding it steady, it’s actually going like this. I think I’ve got a solution for you.

You may have heard about the DJI Osmo. This is a three-axis gimbal camera. What’s really cool about it is this is the camera head right here. As I’m moving and spinning, it is not changing its direction. It’s moving a little bit, but essentially it’s evening out everything. So, as you’re walking, it is able to maintain a consistent, relatively consistent and smooth image. The other thing that’s really cool about this is I can actually touch on my screen; which by the way is my smartphone, and I can move the head if I want to. The other thing I could do is I can use the joystick on the back here and do the same thing. So, I can now pan. I can go up. I can go down. Additionally, there’s a button on the front here. When you click on it three times, it’ll rotate and now it becomes a selfie camera. I can look directly at the screen and see what I’m doing while I’m actually talking myself. Then, if I want to move it, all I got to do is click it three times again and it goes back.

Two key features that I really like about this camera. One is the fact, three-axis gimbal. It’s motorized so it’s going to keep nice and steady. Number two is the fact that this is a great selfie camera. And again, that’s where if you are a real estate agent, a general contractor, just about anybody who is mobile and wants to use videos, this is going to make your production value, shooting your own videos by yourself. Just go through the roof, it’s going to take you to the next level. Let me actually show you this guy in action.

Now, I’m shooting on the DJI Osmo. And as I said, you can walk around and this camera is going to be pretty darn smooth. One of the downfalls is the sensor is a little bit, is a little small, the glass and everything’s a little small. So, low lighting, it is not the best. I’m not an expert at walking around and holding a camera steady. I’m just simply walking. In fact, I’m walking down some stairs right now. And you can see how smooth this is versus if I were trying to do it on my own. The other cool thing about this is if I was a real estate agent as an example, and I want to go, “Oh, look. Here check this out.” I can click the button three times and the camera will spin around. And now, I can go, “Oh, look. Here is this fabulous blah, blah, blah.” Then, I can click it back around and I can start talking about myself.

If you’re a general contractor, think about the same ideas. You can actually walk in to a home and say, “Hey, welcome to this house. By the way, we’re doing a kitchen remodel.” And you can flip the camera around. “Here’s the kitchen. Here’s the one, two, three things we’re going to do.” Then, you can flip it back to yourself. The other really neat thing about this camera is you can go upside down. I’m not going to do it right now, but if you need to do like a low lying shot, you can do that. The camera is manufactured by a company call DJI. The model is the Osmo. I would love to hear from you business owners on how you could use this technology and incorporate it into your marketing campaigns. Be sure to leave a comment below.

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