Know Your Audience – Advance Twitter Analytics

In a previous #ONeMinuteMarketingTip, I showed you how to access your Twitter analytics by clicking on your profile and then analytics.

And we talked about the page, all the information that was here, but did you know that there’s even more information? All you need to do is scroll down and look for this link right here.

It says, “View all Twitter activity.” This is going to give you a tremendous amount of information including who your audience is. It’s going to let you know what their interest is, what their income is, status, male, female, what part of the country they’re in, home ownership, all this great information. By better understanding who your audience members are, you can create a persona of who your target person is, that way the content that you put out on Twitter can be more relevant and targeted, all you need to do is check out this advanced section of Twitter analytics.


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