Video Marketing is currently the king of internet marketing. The best part about using online videos is cost. Once the video is created and uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, AOL Video and a number of other video social networking sites, it will be viewed repeated for eternity and won’t cost a penny more. Can TV, radio or print media offer deals like that?

According the Cisco
It will take well over half a million years to watch all the online
video that will cross the network each month in 2013.

I could go on all day why online video is crucial to promoting your business and show you research and charts that prove video increase retention and creates a desire within the buyer to spend money on your product or service. Why bore you with bland charts are graphs that will put you to sleep when I can show a couple of examples how online videos have generated a viral buzz that generated loads of cash for the business.

Thousand of local business owners across the country are using video to connect, build trust and credibility with prospects resulting increased sales and a shorter sales cycle. Below are some example of how Simple Biz Support clients are using video to humanize their website experience.

Below is a “Bio Video” of local Petaluma estate attorney Bridget Mackay who wanted to connect with online users by telling her story of why she became an attorney. Bridget is also using video to as a blogging tool to promote herself as an expert in her industry and boost visibility through SEO. Check out her blog here.

Video Time: 2:01

Another client, Santa Rosa Dental Group, is using the power of video marketing by branding themselves on YouTube and created an introduction video that potential new patients can view to get an idea of the cleanliness of the office and who the doctors are.

Video Time: 2:59

Today is the day to get your business on online with video. Simple Biz Support offers complete video packages that include:

  • Filming
  • Post Production
  • Uploading video with keyword loaded backlinks

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